remixing cory doctorow

We’ve Gone With Snoo

reddit mascotIf you don’t know this cute fella, Snoo is the mascot of the internet’s bulletin board, reddit. On thinking how to best handle submissions of your remixes, we wondered if we really wanted to deal with moderating a web submission form, especially when Cory Doctorow sends this out. The guy has some followers you know.

Then like a midnight stroke of genius madness whatever, we thought of using a native internet place for not only a place for people to post links to their remixes, but also to help us sort the best by voting. That is what reddit does well, witness all the memes that have been spread from there.

In the end, we are still using a form, because we want to know about the remixes people create, but we are still planning to use the subreddit as a place to generate a popular vote on remixes– adding yours to reddit is totally optional.

ftr newYou can now submit links to your remixes to this space , spend some time checking out the ones other people have made, and use reddit’s tools for voting up the best stuff.

If you know reddit, this is easy peasy.

If not, check out our instructions. We understand that even a LOLCAT has figured this out.

So make some art, share it, remix others, vote, comment, go to town.

We will be keeping an eye on the subreddit and start pulling the top remixes back to the gallery on this site. The initial set on the gallery and in the remix gallery was from a group of students we experimented with in Spring 2013 as a way to test out the idea. Be nice to their work.

Stay tuned for sometime in September (maybe)  November when we go public with this.


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