remixing cory doctorow

We’ve Been Boing Boing-ed!

The subject of the remixes himself has shared this project and more on Boing Boing– Phonar: a massive, free photography class:

This week the task is to remix a portrait of some internet dude called Doctor Oh, or something, but you have to read some of his stuff to get a flavour of how best and most appropriately to re-present him. Apparently this guy gives versions of his books away for free too (which is crazy ‘cuz who the hell would pay if you can get it for free) so you can do the prep for free and then the pics to remix are some that I made (I’m a photographer and a teacher) and they’re CC licensed to enable you to remix and transform them into something way better than I could ever imagine – but here’s the kicker – you have to license it alike so someone else can remix your remix too, like this remix by the painter Paul Wright. Alan Levine of the open storytelling class DS106 made a special website called ForTheRemix where you can find more instructions and take part.



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