remixing cory doctorow


(1) Make

makers-sqYour first step is to find the images from the collection that you might want to work with. Download the highest quality images! If you are going to create a digital image, you will want something with more horsepower than a basic paint program. Lacking a full, expensive copy of Photoshop, you can always get a 30 day trial version or use the open source image editor The GIMP.

Or instead of starting from one of the images provided here, see below for the examples that others have already created- what happens when you remix a remix? It becomes something new every time. Part of the goal here is to see how people remix each other’s work, and a remix of a prior work may (hint) garner attention from the esteemed panel of judges.

Before cracking open any software, you will want to think about the idea you want to create in a remix. You might want to find themes from Cory Doctorow’s novels, from his own bio, from his Wikipedia entry, or videos of him on YouTube.

Then ,think more broadly, how can you place his image in different contexts? And then consider going beyond images- what about other forms of media- animated GIFs, animations, video? And then beyond the digital form, what about 3D printing, fabric, sculpture? We are looking for the unexpected– really surprise us!

Make sure you also save a web ready version of what every you create, either a photograph of the real object, or a lower resolution version of the digital media (72/96 dpi resolution, 1000px wide JPEG, PNG, GIF image).

(2) Write

content-sqThis does not end with producing a piece of media . We want understand the idea behind your creation, the story of the story. You are asked to create a web page / blog post / anything addressable by a public URL than includes:

  • An Interesting Title — it is the lead for your work, grab our attention!
  • Take Credit — Make sure it is obvious who you are, be it real name, first name, twitter name, secret agent name. What shall we call you? And make sure there is some way to contact you.
  • The Idea Behind It — Describe the inspiration, the concept, an explanation of your choice to remix in this way.
  • The Media Itself — Provide an embedded web resolution version of the remix image/video, as well as link to download the full version (you might want to put in a place like dropbox or a Google drive if your web site has limited storage). And please! Verify the links!
  • Creative Commons License — Your published work must include a Creative Commons Attribution license (find the ways you can put this license into your site)
  • Give Credit — Provide a link to all of your source materials, including the image from either our site, or if you used someone elses media, give credit to them by name and link. You would like credit to if someone used your stuff, right?
  • The Making Of — Share  details of how you made your art, behind the scenes, like the extras on a DVD.

(3) Share

We hope to see your work, and maybe, maybe there will be some recognition from Cory Doctorow himself. So we can track the work that is done, and to add them to the gallery of remixes please provide us information in the form below.

As one more option to share, we are using one of the hubs of internet culture itself as a place for you to submit your remixes in a place others can see and- reddit. Check out our For The Remix subreddit, rate the work of others, and add your own.

ftr new

Just login or create a reddit account, return to the For The Remix subreddit and click that Submit a New Remix button on the right. We suggest that you enter a direct link to your remix media, meaning a link to an image, video, animated GIF. Writing an interesting title is a key to reddit:

submit ftr

The other way to participate in the subreddit is to vote up remixes that you like best- it will help the reviewers sort through the millions of entries we expect. 

If you want to spread the word  in twittery places, include a #coryFTR hash tag.

Tell your friends, cousins, dentists, etc!


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