remixing cory doctorow


A series of photographs taken by Jonathan Worth of author Cory Doctorow are now available for you to remix, regenerate, and to make new art, especially in light of the themes and topics of his books.

Your challenge is to make something new out of the photos, or better yet, remix of someone else’s remix.

But we not only want you to make art, we want you to share the story behind it. Be sure to write up your work somewhere on the public web, license it under creative commons, tell the story of what it means or why you did it, cite the sources (e.g. links) to the image, and share how you made it.  Here’s HOW to write up and share your remix.

This is a new experiment in public art, and a new way of thinking about digital media. Who could be a better figure than an author who releases all of his published works under creative commons license with an open invitation to remix? Jonathan explains more about this project

Out of the remix images created, Cory and Jonathan will select their favorites, which will then be realized as real art objects – depending on how your remix works that might mean printing/sculpting/recording – who knows? – but Cory and Jonathan will need to choose from an image on a screen initially. Each participant in the remix strand then receives an even split of the proceeds (minus any costs of production).

Where else are you told explicitly to copy professional photos? To rip and mix them into something new? And to share it back?




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